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/ tɪks /
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plural noun Informal.
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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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Origin of tix

By shortening and alteration

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What does tix mean?

Tix is an informal way of saying tickets, especially tickets to a fun event, as in I bought several tix to the football game if anybody wants to go with me.

Tix is most likely to be used in casual conversation or in informal writing, as in text messages or on social media.

Example: I gave all my extra tix to the concert to my cousin, who promised to get some tickets for her coworkers.

Where does tix come from?

The first records of the word tix come from around 1935. It is an alteration of tics, as shortening of the word tickets.

Tix is used in the same way as the word pix, a shortened form of pictures. The word tix is very likely to appear on websites that sell tickets to events such as concerts, movies, or sports games.

Tix is also used when talking about unpleasant tickets that nobody wants, such as traffic or parking tickets, but this is much less common.

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How is tix used in real life?

Tix is a word in casual speech and writing to refer to tickets.

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Is the following a correct use of tix?

I managed to buy some tix to the basketball game seconds before they sold out.

How to use tix in a sentence

  • Tix's picture hangs in the office of his hotel, and is becoming as famous as the cat.

    Concerning Cats|Helen M. Winslow

British Dictionary definitions for tix

/ (tɪks) /

pl n
informal tickets

Word Origin for tix

C20: from tics, shortened from tickets
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