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  1. threefold; triple.

  2. Astrology. of or relating to the trigon aspect of two planets distant from each other 120°, or the third part of the zodiac.

  1. a set or group of three; triad.

  2. (initial capital letter) the Trinity.

  1. Astrology. a trine aspect of two planets, indicative of ease and accomplishment.

Origin of trine

1350–1400; Middle English: threefold (<Old French trin(e)) <Latin trīnus, singular of trīnī by threes (see trinary)

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How to use trine in a sentence

  • Those, That round them fleet, gazing the Godhead next, Are thrones; in whom the first trine ends.

  • After a while trine saw Battiste coming from the barn; he went past the house, down toward the meadows.

  • The children debated for a while whether to ask Battiste or trine to help them carry out their plan.

  • The good aspects are the trine and sextile; the evil being the semisquare, square, sesquiquadrate, and opposition.

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  • But the time went by, and trine stood there waiting to take the children home,—it was late.

    Rico and Wiseli | Johanna Spyri

British Dictionary definitions for trine


/ (traɪn) /

  1. astrology an aspect of 120° between two planets, an orb of 8° being allowed: Compare conjunction (def. 5), opposition (def. 9), square (def. 10)

  2. anything comprising three parts

  1. of or relating to a trine

  2. threefold; triple

Origin of trine

C14: from Old French trin, from Latin trīnus triple, from trēs three

Derived forms of trine

  • trinal, adjective

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