[ uhn-der-lahy ]
/ 藢蕦n d蓹r藞la瑟 /
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verb (used with object), un路der路lay, un路der路lain, un路der路ly路ing.
to lie under or beneath; be situated under.
to be at the basis of; form the foundation of.
Grammar. to function as the root morpheme or original or basic form of (a derived form): The form 鈥渂oy鈥 underlies 鈥渂oyish.鈥
Finance. to be primary to another right or security.
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Origin of underlie

before 900; Middle English underlyen (v.), Old English underlicgan.See under-, lie2
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How to use underlie in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for underlie

/ (藢蕦nd蓹藞la瑟) /

verb -lies, -lying, -lay or -lain (tr)
to lie or be placed under or beneath
to be the foundation, cause, or basis ofcareful planning underlies all our decisions
finance to take priority over (another claim, liability, mortgage, etc)a first mortgage underlies a second
to be the root or stem from which (a word) is derived"happy" underlies "happiest"

Derived forms of underlie

underlier, noun
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