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[ uhn-rit-n ]


  1. not actually formulated or expressed; customary; traditional.

    Synonyms: inferred, tacit, understood, implicit

  2. not written; not put in writing or print; oral:

    an unwritten agreement.

  3. containing no writing; blank.


/ ʌnˈrɪtən /


  1. not printed or in writing
  2. effective only through custom; traditional
  3. without writing upon it

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Word History and Origins

Origin of unwritten1

First recorded in 1325–75; Middle English unwriten; un- 1, written

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Example Sentences

They angst over romance, use and sell illegal substances, and struggle with the school’s complex and all-important social life and its unwritten hierarchies.

The alliance, formed and honed across roughly the past month, remains unwritten.

For example, confusion over unwritten rules can be an issue for autistic people.

From Time

As one of the “new” people, many have come up to me to tell me about the rules — including those that are unwritten — that govern this prison, or to explain how the prison works.

There are hints that this unwritten rule started to be more stringently enforced around the turn of the millennium.

A president can do it, indulging his whims through unwritten laws and executive action.

Since 2007, Maulvi Nazir and the Pakistani military had kept to an unwritten truce.

That's precisely the unwritten policy every gay player has adhered to in the history of the NFL.

And what is left is all the books and articles unwritten, the conversations left unspoken.

He chose an unlikely and pretty much unwritten-about place, the dry, flat expanses of eastern Montana.

It is much to be regretted that we are thus deprived of that unwritten chapter of her life.

The baby ably impersonates Society with all its sentiments and laws, written and unwritten.

Both Indians and white men respected the unwritten law which held the theft of food in such a region to be worthy of death.

But an unreliable boy at our school matched this history from the unwritten archives of his vulgar relatives.

It is the unwritten law of all our public life, and the same holds true of America, that an honest open scandal ends a career.


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