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  1. (of an alphabetic character) capital: Uppercase letters such as Q and U can be harder to read than lowercase letters q and u.

  2. Printing. pertaining to or belonging in the upper case, such as A, N, or W.: Compare case2 (def. 8).

verb (used with object),up·per·cased, up·per·cas·ing.
  1. to print or write with an uppercase letter, such as M, L, or V.

  1. a capital letter, such as T, X, or P.

Origin of uppercase

First recorded in 1730–40; upper1 + case2 (in the sense “a tray divided into compartments for holding types for a compositor to use”)

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upper case

  1. See under case2 (def. 8).

Origin of upper case

First recorded in 1675–85

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British Dictionary definitions for upper case

upper case

/ printing /

  1. the top half of a compositor's type case in which capital letters, reference marks, and accents are kept

adjective(upper-case when prenominal)
  1. of or relating to capital letters kept in this case and used in the setting or production of printed or typed matter

  1. (tr) to print with upper-case letters; capitalize

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