[uhp-rahy-zing, uhp-rahy-zing]
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Origin of uprising

Middle English word dating back to 1200–50; see origin at up-, rising

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[verb uhp-rahyz; noun uhp-rahyz]
verb (used without object), up·rose, up·ris·en, up·ris·ing.
  1. to rise up; get up, as from a lying or sitting posture.
  2. to rise into view: As we approached the city, the spires of tall buildings uprose as if to greet us.
  3. to rise in revolt.
  4. to come into existence or prominence: Many calamities uprose to plague the people during the war.
  5. to move upward; mount up; ascend.
  6. to come above the horizon.
  7. to slope upward: The land uprises from the river to the hills.
  8. to swell or grow, as a sound: A blare of trumpets uprose to salute the king.
  1. an act of rising up.

Origin of uprise

First recorded in 1250–1300, uprise is from the Middle English word uprisen. See up-, rise
Related formsup·ris·er, noun
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  1. a revolt or rebellion
  2. archaic an ascent


verb (ʌpˈraɪz) -rises, -rising, -rose or -risen
  1. (tr) to rise up
noun (ˈʌpˌraɪz)
  1. another word for rise (def. 24), rise (def. 25), rise (def. 26)
Derived Formsupriser, noun
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Word Origin and History for uprising

mid-13c., "action of rising from death or the grave, resurrection," from up + rising (n.). Meaning "action of rising from bed" is recorded from c.1300; sense of "insurrection, popular revolt" first attested 1580s.



c.1300, "stand up; get out of bed; ascend to a higher level," from up + rise (v.). Cf. West Frisian oprize, Middle Dutch oprisen, Dutch oprijzen.

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