[ val-i-tood-n-er-ee, -tyood- ]
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noun,plural val·e·tu·di·nar·ies.

Origin of valetudinary

1575–85; <Latin valētūdinārius sickly, equivalent to valētūdin- (stem of valētūdō) good or bad state of health (valē(re) to be well + -tūdō-tude) + -ārius-ary

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How to use valetudinary in a sentence

  • The Lady of Lochleven rose from the bedside, and darted a penetrating look at the elder valetudinary.

    The Abbot | Sir Walter Scott
  • An adagio may set a gouty father to sleep, and a capriccio may operate successfully on the nerves of a valetudinary mother.

  • This attack gives a decidedly valetudinary tone to one of his subsequent letters to Deborah.