Victoria Day

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(in Canada) the first Monday preceding May 25, observed as a national holiday.
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What is Victoria Day?

Victoria Day is a Canadian national holiday that was established to celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria.

In Canada, Victoria Day is a federal statutory holiday, meaning it is a day off for many Canadians, resulting in a three-day weekend. Victoria Day and Victoria Day weekend are traditionally considered the unofficial start of summer in Canada (much like Memorial Day is in the US).

Victoria Day is often celebrated with parades and fireworks.

Although it was established to commemorate Queen Victoria’s birthday, Victoria Day is now  observed in celebration of the current British monarch’s birthday. That’s because Canada was once a British territory and is still part of the Commonwealth of Nations, which means the British monarch is, at least in a ceremonial sense, the monarch of Canada.

When is Victoria Day?

Victoria Day is always the Monday before May 25. In 2022, Victoria Day will take place on May 23. In 2023, it will take place on May 22.

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Victoria Day has been celebrated since 1845, eight years after Queen Victoria became queen of Great Britain and its territories (she ruled from 1837–1901). It became an official federal holiday in Canada in 1901, the year of her death. At that time, it was celebrated on her birthday, May 24. However, in 1952, Victoria Day was changed to the Monday preceding May 25.

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In Canada, Victoria Day is popularly considered the unofficial start of summer.

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Victoria Day always falls on a Monday.

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Victoria Day

the Monday preceding May 24: observed in Canada as a national holiday in commemoration of the birthday of Queen Victoria
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