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"easy victory," 1838, such as one that happens in the absence of competitors, when the solitary starter can traverse the course at a walk. Transferred sense of "anything accomplished with great ease" is attested from 1902. To walk (all) over (someone) "treat with contempt" is from 1851.

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Historical Examples

  • The victory which is merely a walk-over is scarcely a victory.

    The Conquest of Fear

    Basil King

  • The expression is used advisedly, for it was nothing but a "walk-over."

  • You see, he considers that the walk-over which was anticipated has degenerated into a stroll.

    Scarlet and Hyssop

    E. F. Benson

  • With him out of the way it would be a walk-over for the Sox.

  • And no money shall be awarded to a boat for a walk-over, but she may fly a flag therefor.