[ wol-it, waw-lit ]
/ ˈwɒl ɪt, ˈwɔ lɪt /


a flat, folding pocketbook, especially one large enough to hold paper money, credit cards, driver's license, etc., and sometimes having a compartment for coins.
Chiefly British. a bag for carrying food, clothing, toilet articles, etc., during a journey; knapsack or rucksack.

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Origin of wallet

1350–1400; Middle English walet < ?

Can be confusedbriefcase handbag pocketbook purse valise wallet

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British Dictionary definitions for wallet


/ (ˈwɒlɪt) /


a small folding case, usually of leather, for holding paper money, documents, etc
a bag used to carry tools
archaic, mainly British a rucksack or knapsack

Word Origin for wallet

C14: of Germanic origin; compare Old English weallian, Old High German wallōn to roam, German wallen to go on a pilgrimage

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Word Origin and History for wallet



late 14c., "bag, knapsack," of uncertain origin, probably from Old French, perhaps from Proto-Germanic *wal- "roll." Meaning "flat case for carrying paper money" is first recorded 1834, American English.

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