[ hwawr-fin-jer, wawr- ]

  1. a person who owns or has charge of a wharf.

Origin of wharfinger

1545–55; wharfage + -er1, with -n- as in passenger, messenger, etc.
  • Also called wharf·mas·ter [hwawrf-mas-ter, -mah-ster, wawrf-]. /ˈʰwɔrfˌmæs tɛr, -ˌmɑ stər, ˈwɔrf-/.

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How to use wharfinger in a sentence

  • Phone the wharfinger's office and tell him he'll not regret taking a message down to the dock to Captain Murphy.

    Cappy Ricks Retires | Peter B. Kyne
  • They had reached the wharf office by this time, and were readily admitted by the wharfinger and given a place at the back end.

  • The dock warrant was issued by the wharfinger as certificate that he held the goods.

  • Mr. Gibney stepped into the wharfinger's office and requested permission to use the telephone.

    Captain Scraggs | Peter B. Kyne
  • He turned to the wharfinger, who was pulling leisurely at his pipe.

    Ancestors | Gertrude Atherton

British Dictionary definitions for wharfinger


/ (ˈwɔːfɪndʒə) /

  1. an owner or manager of a wharf

Origin of wharfinger

C16: probably alteration of wharfager (see wharfage, -er 1); compare harbinger

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