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verb (used with object),whopped, whop·ping.
  1. to strike forcibly.

  2. to defeat soundly, as in a contest.

  1. to put or pull violently; whip: to whop out a book.

verb (used without object),whopped, whop·ping.
  1. to plump suddenly down; flop.

  1. a forcible blow.

  2. the sound made by it.

  1. a bump; heavy fall.

Origin of whop

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English, variant of wap
  • Also whap [hwop, wop, hwap, wap], /ʰwɒp, wɒp, ʰwæp, wæp/, wap [wop, wap] /wɒp, wæp/ .

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How to use whop in a sentence

  • whop-straw, cant name for a countryman; Johnny whop-straw, in allusion to threshing.

    The Slang Dictionary | John Camden Hotten

British Dictionary definitions for whop


verbwhops, whopping or whopped
  1. (tr) to strike, beat, or thrash

  2. (tr) to defeat utterly

  1. (intr) to drop or fall

  1. a heavy blow or the sound made by such a blow

Origin of whop

C14: variant of wap, perhaps of imitative origin

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