[ with-in, with- ]
/ wɪðˈɪn, wɪθ- /




the inside of a place, space, or building.

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Origin of within

before 1000; Middle English withinne (preposition and adv.), Old English withinnan (adv.), equivalent to with with- + innan from within, equivalent to in in + -an suffix of motion from

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British Dictionary definitions for within


/ (wɪˈðɪn) /


in; inside; enclosed or encased by
before (a period of time) has elapsedwithin a week
not beyond the limits of; not differing by more than (a specified amount) fromlive within your means; within seconds of the world record


formal inside; internally
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Word Origin and History for within



Old English wiðinnan, literally "against the inside," see with + in.

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