[with-out, with-]
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  1. with the absence, omission, or avoidance of; not with; with no or none of; lacking: without help; without shoes; without her helping me; without him to help.
  2. free from; excluding: a world without hunger.
  3. not accompanied by: Don't go without me.
  4. at, on, or to the outside of; outside of: both within and without the house or the city.
  5. beyond the compass, limits, range, or scope of (now used chiefly in opposition to within): whether within or without the law.
  1. in or into an exterior or outer place; outside.
  2. outside a house, building, etc.: The carriage awaits without.
  3. lacking something implied or understood: We must take this or go without.
  4. as regards the outside; externally.
  1. the outside of a place, region, area, room, etc.
  1. Midland and Southern U.S. unless.

Origin of without

before 900; Middle English withouten, Old English withūtan (adv. and preposition), equivalent to with with + -ūtan from without, equivalent to ūt out + -an suffix of motion from
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after, beyond, out, outdoors, outwardly, past, externally, out-of-doors

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Contemporary Examples of without

Historical Examples of without

  • Without reasons I was sure of, you know, so there could be no chance of any mistake.

    The Spenders

    Harry Leon Wilson

  • I spoke to Philothea just as I used to do; without remembering that she had died.


    Lydia Maria Child

  • It seems to me that life is no life, but living death, without that freedom!

    The Armourer's Prentices

    Charlotte M. Yonge

  • Without knowing why, they understood perfectly now that neither had been ingenuous.

    The Spenders

    Harry Leon Wilson

  • You shall be reckless as you like—but without your stored energy surplus to harm you.

    The Spenders

    Harry Leon Wilson

British Dictionary definitions for without


  1. not havinga traveller without much money
  2. not accompanied byhe came without his wife
  3. not making use ofit is not easy to undo screws without a screwdriver
  4. (foll by a verbal noun or noun phrase) not, while not, or after notshe can sing for two minutes without drawing breath
  5. archaic on the outside of
  1. formal outside; outwardly
  1. not standard unlessdon't come without you have some money
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Word Origin and History for without

Old English wiðutan, literally "against the outside" (opposite of within), see with + out. As a word expressing lack or want of something (opposite of with), attested from c.1200. In use by late 14c. as a conjunction, short for without that.

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  • without a stitch on
  • without batting an eye
  • without doubt
  • without fail
  • without further ado
  • without question
  • without so much as

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  • absent without leave
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  • no smoke without fire
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