[ yoh ]


  1. (used as an exclamation to get someone's attention, express excitement, greet someone, etc.)
  2. here; present: used especially in answer to a roll call.



abbreviation for

  1. year old; years old.


/ jəʊ /

sentence substitute

  1. an expression used as a greeting, to attract someone's attention, etc

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Word History and Origins

Origin of yo1

late Middle English word dating back to 1375–1425
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Word History and Origins

Origin of yo1

C20: of unknown origin
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Example Sentences

The Yo app might have brought “one-bit” communication to the public attention, but the Apple Watch thrives on it.

Garrett discusses being stop-lossed, which is a psychological yo-yo that really screwed him up.

I yo AIRGORDON and the rest of my Yo friends when I wake up for no discernible reason, other than to assert my existence.

And I can tap and tap and tap and yo and yo and yo, contemplating or not contemplating the inanity that is this life.

I yo my friend BOIBLOG about 15 times on the way to the train station.

An' if any of yo' uns insinuates I am afraid, yo' uns will have to settle with Josh Hicks, an' that mighty quick.

Just then Hicks caught sight of Duncan, and yelled: "Bill, did yo' un meet a party of about a dozen men a few minutes ago?"

"I'll bet yo 'un a hoss I ken put a ball through that Yank's heart at fifty paces," he roared.

Yo warnt one ob de oberflowin kind, Miss Annie, admitted the old black woman.

When he saw Harry he stopped and his hand went to his belt, "Who be yo' un," he growled, "and what do yo' un want?"


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More About Yo

What is a basic definition of yo?

Yo is an interjection that is used for getting someone’s attention, greeting someone, or expressing strong feelings. Yo is also used to mean “here” or “present,” as in response to a roll call.

Yo is a very flexible interjection that is used similarly to hey. The specific meaning of yo depends on the context it is used in. Yo is most often used informally and wouldn’t be used in formal writing that isn’t quotes or dialogue.

  • Real-life examples: You might greet a pal with a friendly “Yo!” Or you might try to get the attention of a distracted driver with an angry “Yo!”
  • Used in a sentence: Yo, Teddy! How is it going? 

Yo is also used to mean “here” or “present,” especially in response to someone calling your name.

  • Real-life examples: It might be too casual to say yo when your teacher reads your name during roll call, but your basketball coach probably won’t mind. And when someone asks who in a group wants pizza, you can definitely raise your hand and say “Yo!” to mean that you do.

Where does yo come from?

The first records of yo date back to around 1375. It originally comes from Middle English.

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What are some synonyms for yo?

How is yo used in real life?

Yo is a common interjection that is often used to call someone’s attention.

Try using yo!

Is yo used correctly in the following sentence?

Yo, would you turn off the music so I can get some sleep?