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What does KHHV mean?

KHHV is an acronym standing for kissless, handholdless, hugless virgin. This is used primarily in the incel community, a group of men who are “involuntarily celibate.”

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Examples of KHHV

i may be a khhv friendless neet but at least im positive and trying to improve myself
@Planet_Piss, April, 2018
I think i've hit rockbottom last year guys, i'm nearly 30 years old, still a KHHV but i still desperately want a girlfriend. See, I was alwa
@slugvile, January, 2017
This is fucking torture. I could barely deal with never getting female affection at 14, let alone 20. At this point it is over. No girl wants a 20 y.o. KHHV.
@scornedstoic, June, 2018

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