1. Prost! 9 Festive Emoji For Oktoberfest

  2. The Meaning Of “Rosh Hashanah”

    What is Rosh Hashanah? Rosh Hashanah, commemorated in September or October, marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year. At sunset, families and friends gather to pray and then eat the traditional honey and apples, which symbolize the hope for a sweet new year. Rosh Hashanah, also spelled Hashana or Ha-shanah, comes from Hebrew and, most simply put, means “beginning of the year.” According to the Hebrew Bible, …

  3. How To Talk Like A Pirate

    “Ahoy, matey!” Is that pretty much the limit of your pirate lingo? With perhaps a “shiver me timbers” in the wings if you need it? With so many excellent pirate terms, don't stop there! Here’s a robust vocabulary to make your weekend pirating just a little more authentic.

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    The Meaning Of Labor Day

    For many of us, Labor Day means the end of summer vacation, a guilt-trip for anyone wearing white, and an excuse for department stores to have sales. But, it’s important to keep in mind the true history behind this holiday: Labor Day is a celebration of laborers, of workers. And, it was introduced at a time when labor meant something far more grueling than it …

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    What Are The Different Names For The American Flag?

  6. What Word Is Your State Looking Up On Father’s Day?

    Paunchy, winsome, defiance, thaumaturgica. What could this unusual assortment of words possibly have in common? Dads, apparently. Our Data Scientists examined what users looked up on on Mother’s Day in 2018. Well, Daddy-o, they’ve worked their magic again. Here are the search terms that trended in each state for Father’s Day, 2018. And, compared to our moms, the words tell a very different tale. (A …

  7. The Origin (And Grammar) Of Father’s Day

    While Mother’s Day became an official holiday in 1914, Father’s Day took a little longer to be considered a national holiday. And its origin, sadly, lies in two, unrelated tragic events. How did Father’s Day begin? About six months after the Monongah mining disaster of 1907, in which the small West Virginia town lost over 350 men, Grace Golden Clayton organized an event to honor the …

  8. What Is The Former Name Of Memorial Day?

    Memorial Day occurs on the last Monday in May and marks the solemn time when Americans honor the soldiers that died in military service. What was the original name of Memorial Day? When the observance was first declared in 1868 by General John Logan, it was called Decoration Day in reference to a tradition of decorating the graves of those whose lives were lost in the …

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    Happy Memorial Day: Is There A Better Way To Say It?

    There are plenty of joyous holidays that appropriately get celebrated by wishing someone a happy day. The Fourth of July, Hanukkah, Easter, Thanksgiving … each a holiday celebrating jubilation over specific events, be they religious or historic. But, what about holidays based on serious reverence or an acknowledgement of a struggle? There’s certainly a lot of discussion surrounding the act of wishing someone a “Happy …

  10. What Word Is Your State Looking Up On Mother’s Day?

    By now, we trust you’re not looking up when Mother’s Day is. Surely you’re just consulting the dictionary for the perfect words to grace your mother’s card, right? Well, the numbers don’t lie—and especially not to mothers. Our Data Scientists analyzed what users looked up on on Mother’s Day in 2018 and found these as the top trends by state. They give and they …

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