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  1. What Does “Craft Beer” Actually Mean?

    by Alyssa Pereira Not all beers are made equal. That much is made apparent in a walk through any local market anywhere in the US. The majority of beer sections in American grocery stores and neighborhood bodegas aren’t exactly artisan creations. Rather, they’re mass-produced, packaged, and sold by one of just a few international beverage conglomerates. But alongside them, if you look carefully, you’ll often …

  2. “Barbecuing,” “Grilling,” And “Smoking”: What’s The Difference?

    Every year as the weather heats up, grills are dusted off and meats and vegetables are thrown on the fire. To those in the West and many northern cities, this is barbecuing. Just don’t call it that in the South or parts of the Midwest like Kansas City, Mo., because in certain regions, not everything cooked on a grill is called barbecue. The word barbecue means different …

  3. “Grande,” “Venti,” And “Trenta”: What Do The Starbucks Sizes Literally Mean?

    When you reflect on all the symbols, gestures, and phrases that bombard your everyday existence, you may find a panoply of simple words that are missing a definition. Case in point: how many times have you or a friend said, “I’d like a venti latte” without pausing to consider what venti actually means? Why is a tall … so small? First of all, here are the …

  4. Weird Parts Of The Foods We Love

  5. How The Hot Dog Got Its Silly (And Kind of Gross) Name

    This July 4th weekend, how about taking some time to consider the names of those items you are about to eat? Brace yourself for the short and disputed history of that American grilling favorite: the hot dog. Why do we call hot dogs, well, hot dogs? There are a few schools of thought on the origin of this favorite food. Some think that people commonly …

  6. Where Did Dunkaroos And Other ’90s Snack Foods Get Their Crazy Names?

  7. Common Food Names We’re Mispronouncing

    These foods are fairly commonplace now ... but are you still pronouncing them wrong?
  8. Yum Alert! Girl Scout Cookie Names Explained

  9. Are GMOs Good Or Bad?

    GMO foods have been around since the 1980s ... so why don't we know if they are good or bad yet?
  10. Hot dogs, Coleslaw, And Other Debates About Food

    We all love food, but that doesn't mean we all agree on what certain foods should be called. There are some serious food debates that spark intense reactions. Watch to see if you agree or disagree with these food classifications.