1. It’s gonna be May

    It’s gonna be May is a popular meme based on how Justin Timberlake sings the lyric "It's gonna be me" from NSYNC's hit 2000 song "It's Gonna Be Me." The meme is used to make…
  2. Getty


    BHM is an acronym that stands for Black History Month. It is often used as the hashtag "#bhm." February is Black History Month in the United States.
  3. IDGT

    IDGT is an acronym that means I don't get tired. Its popularity was boosted by the 2014 Kevin Gates song, "I Don't Get Tired (IDGT)." Gates also created an energy drink with the same name…
  4. IMIG

    IMIG is an acronym used in social media and texting that stands for I mean, I guess. It's similar to "Well, if you say so," implying doubt of a statement. It can also imply apathy.…
  5. JKL

    JKL is an acronym that means just kidding loser, or just kidding LOL (or just kidding laugh). On Twitter, JKL is often in reference to a Kenyan talk show, Jeff Koinange Live.
  6. KMSL

    KMSL is an acronym used in chat and messaging for killing myself laughing. It is often used as a hashtag to mark a funny moment.
  7. HBD

    HBD is an acronym for Happy Birthday. It's often seen as a lazy way of messaging someone on their birthday. It's also occasionally used to mean here be dragons, referring to unexplored or dangerous territory ahead.
  8. DTR

    DTR is an acronym that means define the relationship. Used in chat and texting, it implies a critical point in a relationship in which one person wants clear answers from the other.
  9. FTS

    FTS is an acronym that means fuck this (or that) shit, implying intense exasperation. It is similar to "forget this"!
  10. GOMD

    GOMD is an acronym for get off my dick, meaning "get off my back," or "get lost." GOMD is also the name of a popular 2014 song by rapper J.Cole that may have helped popularize…
  11. Roxicodone


    Roxicodone, commonly misspelled Roxycodone, is a brand of oxycodone, a strong, prescription painkiller that has earned a reputation for widespread abuse.
  12. APM

    APM is an acronym that means actions per minute. It's most commonly used in real-time video games such as Starcraft and refers to how many actions a player can perform in a minute. The best players…