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🫠 Melting Face emoji

[ melt-ing feys ih-moh-jee ]

What does Melting Face emoji 🫠 mean?

The Melting Face emoji 🫠 depicts a melting, smiling face. The emoji is often used to express extreme heat and strong emotions, such as embarrassment, shame, disgust, or frustration.

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Where does 🫠 Melting Face emoji come from?

melting face emoji text

The Melting Face emoji 🫠 was approved under Unicode 14.0 in 2021. On most platforms, the emoji resembles a yellow smiling face with a bottom half that is melting.

The Melting Face emoji 🫠 was designed by Neil Cohn and Jennifer Daniel in 2019. According to Cohn, the emoji was inspired by a trope in Japanese manga in which an embarrassed character will turn into paper and fly away. The Melting Face emoji 🫠 was intended to be “more visceral” while still being flexible enough to use to describe a wide variety of emotions.

Examples of 🫠 Melting Face emoji

I may have accidentally stayed up until 6am reading 🫠
@ChrissyCostanza, March 3, 2023
The struggle of having to work and wanting to homeschool your kids. 🫠
@Sumayyah84, June 2, 2023

Who uses 🫠 Melting Face emoji?

The Melting Face emoji 🫠 is used both on social media and in texting. 

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