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♏ Scorpio emoji

or Scorpius emoji [ skawr-pee-uh ih-moh-jee ]

The Scorpio emoji ♏ depicts the sign of Scorpio, a constellation and one of the 12 zodiac signs in astrology. It is commonly used to represent Scorpio, people whose zodiac sign is Scorpio, and astrology in general. According to astrology, people who were born between October 23 and November 21 have Scorpio as their sign. For this reason, you are more likely to see the Scorpio emoji ♏ used during this time as people celebrate their birthdays.

Scorpio, also called Scorpius, is commonly known as The Scorpion (Scorpius is Latin for scorpion) and the Scorpio emoji ♏ usually depicts the symbol of Scorpio, which resembles a capital M with a pointed tail and is meant to represent a scorpion.

With an image like a scorpion, it’s no wonder Scorpios pack a lot of punch in everything they do. Find out what other words best describe this dynamic sign 

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Where does ♏ Scorpio emoji come from?

The Scorpio emoji ♏, also commonly known as the Scorpius emoji, was approved under Unicode 1.1 in 1993. On most major platforms, the emoji resembles the symbol of Scorpio (a glyph that depicts a capital M with a pointed tail to represent a scorpion) in white and imposed on a geometric shape. On Apple, Samsung, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook, the Scorpio symbol is on a purple square with rounded corners. On Microsoft, the purple square has sharp corners and is surrounded by a black outline. On Google, the Scorpio symbol is instead on a green circle.

On Twitter, many people put the emoji representing their star sign next to their usernames in order to identify themselves. As is the case with all of the other zodiac signs, this is also true for the Scorpio emoji ♏.

When the Scorpio emoji ♏ is used, it is often accompanied by the word Scorpius/Scorpio itself. This is likely done to help identify what the symbol means, as it may not be familiar even to fans of astrology. Scorpio is commonly known as The Scorpion, and so the Scorpio emoji ♏ is frequently used alongside the Scorpion emoji 🦂.

Examples of ♏ Scorpio emoji

It's not my fault that I'm so intense. I am a Scorpio after all... ♏ 🦂
@DreInKalamazoo, December 27, 2020
The person that a Scorpio respects and holds close to them is treated with amazing kindness, loyalty and generosity. ♏ 🦂
@iamsouljabrasi, August 10, 2019

Who uses ♏ Scorpio emoji?

The Scorpio emoji ♏ is often used by fans of astrology. It is especially likely to be used by people whose sign is Scorpio or by people who are compatible with Scorpios.

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