These Are Some Of The Best Words To Describe Scorpios

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Oh, oh, Scorpio. The eighth sign of the Zodiac, it’s reserved for those born between October 23–November 21. There’s nothing reserved about Scorpios, though. This sign is about passion, excitement, and living life to the fullest … but with a mission.

Represented by a stinging scorpion, this is one fierce sign. Just take a look at some of the famous Scorpios: Pablo Picasso, Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates, Lisa Bonet, Marie Antoinette, Ciara, and Ryan Gosling to name a few. Perhaps surprisingly, however, it’s not a fire sign, but rather a water sign.

The word Scorpio dates back to 1350–1400. It comes from the Latin word Scorpiō meaning “scorpion.” The symbol that represents Scorpio and is used for the Scorpio emoji ♏ depicts a capital M with a pointed tail and is meant to resemble the arachnid with the venomous tail itself. With all their passion, Scorpios can sting others sometimes, but there’s so much more to those born under this fascinating sign.

Here are some words that likely come to mind when you think about the Scorpios you know.

Chart your linguistic stars by taking a closer look at the meaning and usage of the term Scorpio.

Superb words to describe Scorpios

Scorpios are amazing in oh-so-many ways. They make great friends; they’re fun to be around; and when you need a job done, there’s no one like a Scorpio to see to it. Here are some words that describe the other great traits of Scorpios.

  1. Tenacious: When Scorpios set their mind to something, watch out. There’s nothing that can stand in their way. They have a laser focus and are willing to work doggedly to achieve their goals. It makes them great leaders, and they’re often successful in work situations. You may also call them steadfast or even pertinacious.
  2. Intuitive: Scorpios tend to have a certain sense about things. They read people well and have good instincts that help navigate social and business situations well. In other words, they’re perceptive.
  3. Ardent: When Scorpios like someone or something, they really like them, and when they decide to devote themselves to someone or something they go all in. They are fiercely passionate and give their heart and soul to people and causes they care about. They are fervent, zealous, and intense.
  4. Magnetic: There’s something about Scorpios that draws people to them. Their zest for life is contagious and people want to be associated with it. They’re excellent conversationalists and want to know everything about other people, which many find flattering. No surprise then that talk show hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Whoopi Goldberg are Scorpios. This sign is alluring, seductive, and some may say, simply irresistible.
  5. Thrilling: There’s never a dull moment around a Scorpio. They’re always up for a good time and won’t rest until they find one. They’re thrill seekers, and being around them often means you’re in for a wild ride. You might also describe them as electrifying, riveting, or rousing.

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The more challenging side of Scorpios

Of course, Scorpios aren’t perfect. They tend to possess some traits that get in their way. Here are words that describe some of them.

  1. Envious: Yep, Scorpios see a bit more of the green-eyed monster than most. Their emotions run so deep, it’s hard for them to fight off feelings of envy and resentment when they don’t get what someone else has. You could also say they tend to be jealous or greedy.
  2. Obsessive: When Scorpios want something or set out to accomplish a task, they’re dogged in their efforts, sometimes to a fault. They have a hard time striking a balance between determination and complete occupation with something. It definitely helps drive them to success in some regards, but it can also drive people away and drive them to the point of exhaustion.
  3. Stubborn: When a Scorpio gets fixed on an idea, good luck trying to get them to budge. All that passion can get in their way and make them reluctant to compromise at best and downright bratty at worst.
  4. Possessive: Scorpios are fiercely loyal, but they expect that same loyalty in return … and then some. So intense are they in their emotions for people that they can become possessive and controlling. It can be overwhelming to be in a relationship with one, and their loved ones may feel smothered. You might even say they’re avaricious.
  5. Dark: Scorpios can be drawn to the underbelly of the world. They are fascinated by things that are morbid and twisted. This is the sign of Halloween babies after all. While there’s nothing wrong with being drawn to the mysterious, it can sometimes lead them down dangerous paths.

Sound about right?

Astrology signs certainly don’t predetermine a person’s personality nor prevent someone from changing. But astrology can be fascinatingly accurate when it comes to nailing down the particular traits of those born under the signs of the zodiac. How many of the words here describe the Scorpios you know? For more word fun, review our Scorpio word list, which can be used to create spelling quizzes and flashcards. Or take our quick Scorpio quiz for some thrills.

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