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What does fictosexual mean?

The term fictosexual is used in the context of a person who is sexually or romantically attracted to a fictional character, especially when it involves a strong emotional attachment. The word can be used as a noun to refer to such a person or as an adjective to describe such a person, their attraction, or related things.

The term specifically indicates attraction to a character (or a nonhuman representation of that character), as opposed to an actor who plays that character.

The noun form fictosexuality refers to such an attraction. The terms fictoromance and fictophilia are also sometimes used to refer to the same thing.

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Where does fictosexual come from?

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The term fictosexual is a combination of the words fiction (or fictional) and sexual—modeled on similar terms for forms of sexuality.

The term fictosexual seems to have emerged in the mid-2010s. Early uses on social media were mostly joking references to sexual attraction to fictional characters, though the term is now sometimes discussed seriously in the context of sexual identity.

The term gained mainstream attention in 2022 due to media reports about a Japanese man who “married” an animated pop singer and about a wider trend in Japan of people entering “relationships” with fictional characters.

Examples of fictosexual

I'm fictosexual now, dont talk to me unless ur Peter parker
@cryptidbird, December 25, 2019
The Finnish study found that fictosexuals engage in various activities that enhance their love for the character, on top of rewatching the movies or replaying the video games in which they appear.
Denise Primbet, Newsweek, June 2022

Who uses fictosexual?

The term fictosexual is used jokingly, mockingly, and in serious discussion of sexual identity.

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