What if a password didn’t contain words?

Broken computer

We’ve already discussed that hackers use dictionaries to help hack your passwords, but what if your passwords were controlled by your mind, not by words?

Researchers at UC Berkeley’s School of Information announced that they are working on technology that reads your mind to open your email account, buy an app on iTunes, and check your bank balance. Security researchers determined that electroencephalograms (EEGs) are a reliable-enough indicator of individuality to substitute for a password. Also, there are now relatively inexpensive Bluetooth devices that measure your EEG and connect to your computer without any brain implants.

In the meantime, your passwords should still have a tough non-dictionary word with a combination of numbers to protect your information.

We’re wondering what these new security measures will be called. TechCrunch suggested “passthoughts.” What do you think a telepathic password should be called?

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