What Is Your Choice For The 2020 Word Of The Year?

Out of thousands of submissions, one word stood out. Can you guess what’s been at the top of everyone’s mind? Find out the People’s Choice 2020 Word of the Year, here.

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We can’t predict what will unfold next in this unprecedented year, but you can help us sum up what happened so far in 2020. We’ve chosen pandemic as our Word of the Year, based on data, trends, cultural events, and our work as a dictionary this year. But, what word would you choose to describe 2020?

Find out exactly why we chose pandemic as our 2020 Word of the Year.

Trust us: We know it’s not easy to pick just one word that best characterizes 2020, a rollercoaster of a year of emotions and events. So, we’re giving you the chance to tell us what one word you think best memorializes this year.

Submit your choice below—and you may just get in “the last word” on this tumultuous year in life and language.

⚠️ The submission window has now closed. See what won our the Dictionary.com’ People’s Choice 2020 Word of the year!

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You also have a chance to talk about what our Dictionary.com choice for Word of the Year, pandemic, means to you by sharing your personal thoughts and experiences on social media. A winner will be chosen at random.

How to enter

Just follow these simple steps: 1) Share what the Word of the Year, pandemic, means to you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. You can post a video, a tweet, a photo, or a post to enter. 2) Use the hashtag #WordOfTheYear2020 and tag the relevant account name for Dictionary.com. 3) Be clever and creative.

What you’ll win

You’ll be ready for the new year with these prizes: 1 year of Grammar Coach Premium, a $100 gift card, and a Dictionary.com swag bag including a beanie, t-shirt, and notebook!

For a complete explanation of contest rules, please visit here.

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