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Dunning Kruger effect

or Dunning Kruger syndrome

What does the Dunning Kruger effect mean?

The Dunning Kruger effect explains why incompetent people are unable to see that they’re incompetent.

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Where does Dunning Kruger effect come from?

Dunning Kruger effect

Sometimes referred to as Dunning Kruger syndrome, the Dunning Kruger effect was coined by psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger to explain why incompetent people cannot see their own incompetence.

Published in 1999 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the researchers’ paper examined the self-insight necessary to recognize one’s own shortcomings, only to come to the conclusion that the poorer we are at performing, the more likely we are to fail when it comes to seeing our own flaws.

Examples of Dunning Kruger effect

Remember when Dunning-Kruger was just a syndrome, not an epidemic?
@ScottGreenfield, July, 2018
Jordan is that very loud guy at the end of every bar with Dunning Kruger syndrome.
@DdaannHhaanniiu, June, 2018
This president defines Dunning-Kruger syndrome. Don’t address him, address his staff and what they need to do when he does almost everything wrong.
@yasegumi, July, 2018

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