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gray rocking

[ grey rok-ing ]

What is gray rocking?

Gray rocking (or the gray rock method) is the name of a strategy used to avoid unwanted social interactions or to extract oneself from a relationship with a person by engaging with them only at the most basic and unemotional level.

Rather than completely avoiding or ignoring someone (as is done in the practice known as ghosting), gray rocking relies on a small amount of social interaction. It often involves minimized communication (such as monotone, one-word answers to questions) and making oneself appear very boring.

The goal of gray rocking is to make a person eventually lose interest in a relationship or any further interactions.

The practice is often discussed as a strategy for distancing oneself from a partner or former partner who exhibits sociopathy or narcissism. In this way, gray rocking is intended to deprive such people of the emotional response or attention that they are attempting to elicit.

Experts debate how effective gray rocking is, with many noting that it can be a particularly risky strategy when it’s used to distance oneself from an abuser.

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Where does gray rocking come from?

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The introduction of the term gray rocking is often credited to a 2012 article on the website LoveFraud.com that is attributed to a writer using the name Skylar. According to the writer, the name gray rocking came from the most boring, uninteresting thing they could think of (a gray rock).

Awareness of the gray rocking strategy slowly spread during the 2010s and early 2020s, primarily due to discussion in the context of popular psychology and relationship advice.

Examples of gray rocking

I was often told to "kill them with kindness". No thanks. Grey rocking is more effective.
@gnarlycharz, July 24, 2021
While experts say gray rocking is effective in the long run, it may do more harm than good, and not everyone can stomach it.
Jenna Ryu, USA Today, May 2022

Who uses gray rocking?

The term gray rocking is most often discussed in the context of popular psychology and relationship advice that involves dealing with unwanted attention from or interaction with people, such as abusive partners or those who exhibit narcissism.

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