Bogus Words That Speak The Truth


We have been venting to our best friend since the beginning of time, but today it seems like more people are turning to their four-legged friend for comfort instead of the two-legged human. Now, several sources are citing Dogalogue as a way to classify your private conversations, from your recent breakup to the latest political blunder, with your dog. Hey, it’s cheaper than therapy.


These days everyone is on their phone. You can’t go anywhere without someone sitting next to you texting or thumbing through their Instagram feed. And now, there is a term for that: cellfish. A play on the words cellphone and selfish, this expression deals with that one friend who can’t put the phone down. If you want to get her attention, you better DM her.


We meet new people every day—in the coffee shop, the grocery store, at work. Those people are your acquaintances. But, when you meet someone new in the digital world, say on Snapchat, they are now called an equaintance (or an electronic acquaintance); someone you might never meet but click with nonetheless.


When your palms start to sweat and your heart begins to race, you know the anticipation is killing you. After all, you are waiting for a very important text. Gone are the days of sitting by the phone waiting to hear it ring. Now, it’s all about the textpectation, clutching your phone, willing an incoming message from that guy on Tinder.


Do you have that one friend who can talk to just about anyone about nothing in particular? You know, like the weather or the game he didn’t even watch the night before? Well, that friend is great at the skill of nonversation. This modern-day expression refers to unimportant oral exchanges to either get a conversation going or to keep it from running out—even when sometimes it should.


Sure, there are newly made-up words that relate to the way we communicate, but author Roald Dahl was in-tune to this concept a long time ago. Take his word, natterbox, for example. While a person who is in a “nonversation” doesn’t know what to say and makes small talk to fill the silence, a natterbox can keep a “nonversation” going way too long because she has plenty to say and doesn’t know when to zip it.


Ever have one of those nights when you just don’t want to go to bed? Binge-watching Netfix will do that to you. Sure, the new expression bedatorial deals with kids giving adults a hard time about hitting the sack, but we think anyone can relate. We know you have the power to talk yourself into watching three more episodes of Scandal, just like a persuasive little kid.


Looking to send some positive vibes into the universe? Well, you’ll want to send out some yonies. This made-up word means the same thing as positive vibes, but it’s way cooler to say, don’t you think? So, the next time your friend is having a bad day, send some yonies their way.


Chances are you’ve eavesdropped on a few conversations. Come on, who hasn’t? But did you know sources have come up with a fake word for it? Earjacking. So, the next time you find yourself pinning your ear to the door of a private heart-to-heart, you’ll know what to call your snooping.

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