Feedback’s Situations For Google Arts & Culture

Oh, Uncle Steve . . . not again

The face you make when Uncle Steve goes on another Facebook rant about True Americans . . . even George Washington is tired of hearing it. tip: Brush up on the difference between socialism and communism before you dive into the comments.

No, you’re crying!

The expression you have when you’re in your third hour of watching baby piglet videos on Youtube.

Expanding your vocabulary and your facial hair

When you learn a new word that perfectly defines you. Raise your hands, hirsute men.

Mansplaining Part I

That look your coworker, uncle, dad, grandpa gives you when he’s telling you about finances, car maintenance, or politics . . . prime mansplaining.

Mansplaining Part II

That look you have when your coworker, uncle, dad, grandpa gives you a mansplaining . . . .

Listen guys, brush up on why mansplaining ain’t OK (and some other pet peeves women have these days).

So. Much. Food.

That look you have after eating two (OK maybe three) rounds of Thanksgiving dinner.

Google knocked it out of the park with Renoir’s “After the Luncheon” to describe this food coma.

Holy S&$t

The reaction you had the first time you watched the Red Wedding scene on Game of Thrones. (If you haven’t watched it, brace yourself.)

We’re slightly disappointed we didn’t get Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” because Francesco is still in shock, it seems.

Go Sports Go

The face you make when your team makes it to the Super Bowl! tip: Learn what super bowl actually means before the big game!

Misophonia: "a strong dislike or hatred of specific sounds"

The disgusted face you make when your desk-mate pulls out that crunchy snack and you . . . . Can’t. Stop. Hearing. It. tip: Want to learn some other mad habits that are hard to break? Here’s our list of the weirdest manias and phobias.

It's not that difficult . . . is it?

Bet this one is a pet peeve. The look you get when people still don’t know the difference between there, their, and they’re.


The look you get when your wife announces you’re going to be new parents! Ehhh, is this excitement or fear? tip: Brush up on some parenting buzzwords before that little bundle of joy pops out.

H3ll yea!

The uncontrollable expression you make when the next pant size down fits you, but you’re in a public dressing room so you have to act chill.

Want to read about some other situations that will give you a little pick-me-up on a hard day? Check these out.

I affected . . . . effected . . . oh, who cares.

The look you uncontrollably get when you’re deciding whether to use affect or effect. Honestly, we still have to check sometimes.

Dancing machine

Nothing better than a good underbite and the “Running Man” on the dance floor. Even John Philip Sousa agrees. tip: Learn more about action verbs before you bust out your next “Running Man.”

Summertime, and the living's easy

That sigh (and expression) of relief when you finish your last final.

You up?

The look you get when that “what are you doing tonight” text pops up. At 3am.

Miss Musical Party by Candlelight knows what’s up. tip: Need help decoding other late-night mysterious text messages? We’ll help you decide if it’s friendly or flirty.

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