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Acronyms, FWIW

Acronyms are fun words. Comprised of the first letter of a series of words, small punchy acronyms have risen in popularity due to texting and social media. If you've only got 140 characters and are typing and reading on a small handheld screen, you need to improvise. That is, YN2I. We're not sure if that one will catch on.

Here's a selection of acronyms that we see all over the place. We're betting that these are here for the long haul, too. Do you have a favorite acronym you tend to lean on all the time? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter (dictionarycom).


OMG is a popular acronym for Oh My God! It is used to express surprise and alarm. You could also use goodness. Say you visited someone's house, walked into their backyard, and there are five golden retriever puppies playing. That's your OMG moment.


This romantic acronym gets plenty of use for Valentine's Day texting: Sealed With A Kiss. You send a nice mushy text, load it up with a lot of heart emoticons, and then end it with a nice big SWAK.


ICYMI means In Case You Missed It. You come across some great online content and need to share with a pal. Be it breaking news or the latest slideshow from, you need to make sure your friends have all seen this.


You see this one a lot when the weekend rolls around. It's been a hard week, and all you can think of is Thank God It's Friday. Beer companies love this term, and it's not uncommon to be thinking this while enjoying your favorite cold beverage.


This means For What It's Worth. You type this when you're sending a message of unknown value. You just want to get it out there. Here it is, it may be something, or it may be nothing. Just want to let you know.


FYEO is the acronym meaning For Your Eyes Only... Mr. Bond. There's something you're sending and you don't want anyone else to see it. It's also easier and quicker to type than "CLASSIFIED."


SMH stands for Shake My Head. Someone just texted you to say they'd be an hour late for dinner, and this would be your terse texted response as you get up to leave.


Laughing My A** Off is a common self-explanatory acronym. Someone texts you a joke, and this is your one word response. LOL for Laugh Out Loud also works. If you are in a state of LMAO, you may well end up ROFL. That acronym is coming up, don't worry.


When quickly typed on the phone, this acronym is quite often paired with an angry emoticon or three. NOYB is None Of Your Business. So there.


EOM can be used in the subject line of an email. You just want to send a quick message, so you type it in the subject line, add EOM at the end, and click send. It means End Of Message, so that's all you're sending—no additional body of text forthcoming. If you didn't use EOM and sent them a long email, you might get the response of TLDR, meaning Too Long Didn't Read. LOL.


You're Rolling On The Floor Laughing. It can also be used as ROTFL, whatever you like. Have you ever caught yourself in a fit of weak-in-the-knees laughter? Can you remember a time when you were literally in tears, holding your sides as you collapsed on the floor in laughter?


You've seen this one a million times and you know it means to respond to an invitation. What is the real definition? It's a French acronym for Repondez S'il Vous Plaît.


FTW stands for For The Win. You've just been successful at something, or something great has just happened! You text your friend to come right over—"pizza guy just arrived with free extra breadsticks #FTW!" says a possible origination of the term comes from the game show Hollywood Squares in the year 2000. Example: "Tom, I'll go with Gavin McLeod for the win!"


This is an earnest expression of gratitude. You appreciate someone's effort or gesture. In this case, we Thank You Very Much for reading through our slideshow!

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