OMG, Texting Acronyms FTW

Acronyms, FWIW

Acronyms are fun little words. And incredibly useful. Comprised of the first letter of a series of words, small punchy acronyms have of course always been around, but they've become ubiquitous thanks to texting and social media. If you've only got 140 characters and you're typing on a small handheld screen, you need to streamline. That is, YN2S. We're not sure if that one will catch on.

Here's a selection of some of the most common acronyms out there. Some old standbys and new favorites. Do you have a favorite acronym you use all the time? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter (@dictionarycom).


OMG is a popular acronym for Oh My God! It's used to express surprise and alarm, like when you run into an old friend from junior high, or as an appropriate response to extraordinary news. Also a great reaction to puppy photos. You can use Oh My Goodness for an ultra PG version.


This romantic acronym gets plenty of use for Valentine's Day: Sealed With A Kiss. If you wanted to send a valentine in 1953, you would have had to slather on lipstick, press your lips against an envelope, ride your horse to the postal office, and slip the letter in a mailbox. Now you can just send an emoji-filled text and end it with SWAK.


ICYMI means In Case You Missed It. Use ICYMI any time there's something interesting or important that you need someone to see. Maybe you come across an anxiety-inducing news article, or a video of a cat doing something humans usually do. Either way, it's a big deal, and you need your friends to see it.


This one trends most heavily on–you guessed it–Fridays. Thank God It's Friday can be used to express your elation that the daily grind of the workweek has come to an end. For two glorious, brief days, at least. A favorite acronym among beer companies and casual dining chain restaurants.


This means For What It's Worth. You type this when you're sending information that may or may not have any value. You just want to get it out there. Here it is, it may be something, or it may be nothing. Just want to let you know. Also a great option for passive aggression.


FYEO is the acronym meaning For Your Eyes Only... Mr. Bond. There's something you're sending and you don't want anyone else to see it. It's also easier/quicker than typing "CLASSIFIED."


SMH stands for Shake My Head. A great acronym for communicating disbelief, or to point out something obvious or frustrating. This is a great response to someone who just texted you to say they're going to be an hour late for dinner. Or to someone who casually mentions the earth is flat.


Laughing My Ass Off is a common self-explanatory acronym. Someone texts you something hilarious? An embarrassing photo from childhood perhaps? This is your one word response. If you are in a state of LMAO, you are only a couple laughing fits away from ROFL. That acronym is coming up, don't worry.


Stands for None Of Your Business. Best used when someone has asked for privileged or private information that you're unwilling to give them. Pairs nicely with angry emoji. Avoid using this when your significant other asks you where you've been all night.


If you just want to send a really quick message, you can type it in the subject line, add EOM at the end, and click send. EOM means End Of Message, so the reader knows that's all you're sending—no additional text forthcoming. Or, if you sent them a long email, you might get the response of TLDR, meaning Too Long Didn't Read. LOL.


You're Rolling On The Floor Laughing. It can also be typed as ROTFL, whatever you like. Reserved for things that are especially funny, this should be used when you are weak-in-the-knees laughing. (Or when you want someone to think you are.)


You've seen this one a million times and you know it means to respond to an invitation. What is the real definition? It's a French acronym for Repondez S'il Vous Plaît, or "Reply, if you please."


FTW stands for For The Win. Used as a triumphant declaration when you've successfully accomplished a goal. Or to point out that something or someone is awesome. Maybe you swing by your favorite cafe on your way to yoga: “Pre-workout quad shot mocha #FTW.” Numerous internet claim the term originated with the game show. As in, "Tom, I'll go with Gavin McLeod for the win!"


This is an earnest expression of gratitude. You appreciate someone's effort or gesture. In this case, we TYVM for reading through this slideshow.

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