10 Words To Never Use On Your Online Dating Profile

Hit delete!

Your online dating profile is a lot like a resume, but with selfies. It’s important to represent yourself in the best possible light. After some careful editing, you might find yourself attracting new matches online.

Stay away from the following words when describing yourself in your online profile so you don't attract (or become) an unwanted virtual creep.


WATCH: What's So Wrong With "Nice"?

BEWARE of “nice guy syndrome” when filling out your profile. You might be an authentically kind person, but the term nice has dark connotations in the world of online dating.

Self-proclaimed nice guys on the internet have a reputation for passive aggression and entitlement. Ironically, some nice guys have a tendency to become rude or bitter when banished to the friend zone.


Curious about your options? Sure, we all are. But there’s a better way to say that in your profile. Don’t risk having the word curious being taken out of context when looking to attract a mate. It might be best to stick with saying you're adventurous or well-traveled.


Anyone describing themselves as a gentleman over the internet might be suffering from an advanced case of nice guy syndrome.

We get it! You respect women. Unfortunately, that isn’t the only prerequisite for a lady’s attention or affection. Opening doors and tipping your fedora probably won’t seal the deal either.

This is yet another harmless descriptor that’s been tainted in the realm of online dating. It’s sad, because real gentlemen still exist. But whatever you do, keep this word out of your profile description.


Some people strive to be the alpha in any given social situation. That is, a dominant “leader of the pack” who the ladies find dashing and irresistible.

Here’s the problem: A true alpha would avoid listing something so blatantly narcissistic in his profile. If you’re such a great catch—show it!

Instead of coming across like someone who’s overcompensating, upload pictures that show off your “alpha” lifestyle. Perhaps on a chartered yacht, surrounded by lusty ladies. Don’t forget to throw in some gratuitous post-workout selfies!


If you’re easy going, that’s one thing. But if your profile mentions that you’re easy, it could be interpreted as something completely different (and potentially negative). Instead, opt to say you’re a straightforward person who avoids drama.


The word flirty defines you as playful and saucy, which might be just what you’re looking for. But if that’s not the case, you might want to try something a little on the tamer side. Why not say you’re fun to be around, and let your lively personality do the talking?


In the world of online dating, everyone wants to stand out. That’s why it’s crucial to highlight your individual qualities, hobbies, and talents.

One generic way of separating yourself from the pack is to declare yourself as “different from all the other guys.” This might be followed by a couple sentences about how thoughtful and considerate you are.

Ironically, there’s nothing different about saying that you’re different. It implies that you’re somehow better than the average guy—but without having to prove it.


While there is nothing wrong with being a quiet person, it’s not always the most flattering word to use in your online dating profile. Business Insider says many people searching for love online are looking for someone with a strong personality that “shows positivity.” A solid alternative might be to say you’re sweet or perceptive.


Being a romantic is a plus, because it shows you have passion and emotion. However, some people shy away from that word when it’s used on an online dating profile. Why? Because they might think the person is overly mushy or seeking serious commitment. Instead, use the word passionate or ambitious to describe your romantic side.


There’s nothing wrong with using the word shy to describe yourself. If you’re more into staying home and watching a documentary than busting moves at the club, that’s cool! But instead of using the word shy, why not be a little more precise? For example, if you’re not comfortable around large groups of people, we suggest describing yourself as independent or introverted.

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