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crazy shit

[krey-zee shit]

What does crazy shit mean?

Charlie Sheen interviews, the news in 2018, the fact that adults have fewer bones in their bodies than babies do, you know—crazy shit.

Crazy shit is slang for anything weird, wild, wayward, way out there, and, occasionally, utterly wonderful.

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Where does crazy shit come from?

crazy shit
the 13th floor

The exact origin of crazy shit isn’t clear, but crazy has named something “insane” since the 1600s and shit has stood in for “stuff” since the 1930s.

Crazy shit starts popping up in the written record in the 1960s. In his 1965 novel Week with No Friday, author Willard Marsh has a character slangily sling “That’s pretty crazy shit, isn’t it?” Crazy shit really started taking off in the 1970–80s, and by the 1990s–2000s, we can identify some distinct varieties of crazy shit in the language.

A person can say some crazy shit like out-there conspiracy theories. A person can do some crazy shit like get a face tattoo of a unicorn while drunk. A person can be into some crazy shit such as medieval torture devices—but hey, no shade, no shade.

Crazy shit can also include news, events, or episodes that are unbelievable or upsetting (e.g., “you’re not going to believe this crazy shit that happened to me last night” or “you gotta see this crazy shit“).

This species of crazy shit inspired, which uploads very NSFW videos of outrageous sex acts and violence. The site started with pictures, apparently, in 1999, and has remained true to its name ever since.

To be on that crazy shit, sometimes found in hip-hop lyrics, can refer to really intense drugs like lean, and can also be used as a way to describe someone acting erratically or irrationally.

It’s not all bad and bizarre, though. An athlete or musician, say, might pull off some crazy shit during a stunning and original performance, especially when pushing the envelope.

Examples of crazy shit

i need fun friends to do crazy shit with all summer ;(
@_bitchybri, May, 2018
People probably ask, 'Who comes up with this crazy shit?!' I've got news for them. It's me.
Seth McFarlane quoted by Bob Mackey, Something Awful, April, 2006
Does it feel like every time you wake up there are a dozen new scandals involving the Trump regime? Well, last night was no different. Here’s a breakdown of all the crazy shit that happened last night and early this morning.
Matt Novak, Gizmodo, May, 2018

Who uses crazy shit?

Shit, obviously, is a swear word, so crazy shit is not for polite company or formal writing. Keep in mind, too, that crazy might offend people with mental disabilities or mental health challenges.

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