get out of jail free card

What does get out of jail free card mean?

A get out of jail free card is a metaphorical way to refer to anything that will get someone out of an undesirable situation or allow them to avoid punishment.

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Examples of get out of jail free card


Examples of get out of jail free card
When a cop pulls you over for speeding, don’t hand him a “get out of jail free” Monopoly card. He won’t think it’s funny & you will go directly to jail. I know this now.
@CantWaitToNap, June, 2018
I swear to god CJ just drew the real life get out of jail free card.
@tommylangfordd, June, 2018
Police: You’re under arrest for the 20 crimes you’ve committed! Me: *pulls out my Monopoly Get Out of Jail Free card* Police: Son of a.... he’s clean!
@ThatsWatSheSeth, April, 2018

Where does get out of jail free card come from?

The phrase get out of jail free card was popularized by the board game, Monopoly, which includes two physical get out of jail free cards. Found in the community chest and chance sections of the game, these small cards can be earned by players who happen upon them during gameplay. The cards—which typically feature game icon Rich Uncle Pennybags—can be sold to other players to earn Monopoly money (the accrual of which is the goal of the board game) or used by players who land in the game’s “jail.”

Sick Chirpse

Since Monopoly was introduced by Parker Brothers in 1935 and its popularity has grown, the name of these physical cards have come to have a metaphorical meaning as well. Someone who has an advantage that will get them out of punishment or a special means to avoid a situation that they don’t want to be involved in is said to have a get out of jail free card.

The term is often used as an insult to accuse someone of trying to take advantage of special treatment to avoid something unpleasant. It is also common to express a desire to have such a metaphorical card.

Sadly, Rich Uncle Pennybags can’t help any of us. Even if you get one of these metaphorical cards, the situation always creeps back up on you, doesn’t it?

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