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get laced

[get lehyst]

What does laced mean?

Laced is a slang term with many meanings.

It can refer to a drink or drug mixed with another substance (e.g., laced with vodka or cocaine). It can refer to being intoxicated on such a drink or drug.

Laced can also mean “being dressed in high-end clothing and jewelry.” Laced especially appears in the phrase getting laced up, or “getting right to compete or fight.”

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Where does get laced come from?


Laced, of a drink, originally refers to coffee being mixed with sugar in the late 1600s. Lace, in this sense, apparently draws on the way threads or tendrils intertwine. This laced extended to mixing other drinks with harder substances, like punch laced with alcohol, by the 1800s.

By the 1970s, laced referred to drugs (e.g., marijuana) being mixed with harder ones, often without users’ knowledge (e.g., cocaine), and, by extension, described people on such drugs (i.e., drunk or high). This sense of get laced also appears to have lent itself to the idea of “getting humiliated,” or owned in slang.

Eminem appears to play on these senses in his often quoted lyric from his 2018 track “Venom”: “But I don’t care, I barely can wait / To hit ’em with the snare and the bass / Square in the face, this fuckin’ world better prepare to get laced / Because they’re gonna taste my—.”

Many fancy, elaborate outfits may lace a person with strands of jewelry, intricate dresses, or even lacy threads, which may help explain how a woman getting laced emerges by the 1980s for a “sophisticated woman” in Black slang. By the 2000s, getting laced evolved to describe someone decked out in bling.

Athletes lace up their shoes before taking to the field, court, or ice, and by extension, anyone gearing up to take on a challenge or opponent may lace up or get laced up. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly got laced in his 2012 track “Get Laced,” in which he tells the rap scene to get ready for him: “And this brand new change comes in the shape of / A 6″ 3′ blonde haired boy, lace up.” Eminem’s “Venom” may also be playing with this sense of laced.

Examples of get laced

Just under 4 weeks to go we get laced up again and ready for battle 🥊 💪🏾 / #TROJAN ⚔️ / Message me for tickets- 🤙🏽 👍🏽
@TroyWilliamson, October 2018
Tell me why I was hanging with a crazy polish bitch last week and she laced her weed with dried lavender. I said get your calming lung ass...
@ColeAleister, October 2018
"‘Tai, how old are you?’ (Tai: ‘I’ll be 16 in May.’) ‘My birthday is in April and as someone older, can I please give you some advice? It is one thing to spark up a doobie and get laced at parties, but it is quite another to be fried all day"
@wolfiecomedy, May 2018

A 2016 report from Health Canada’s Drug Analysis Service revealed that 4.8 per cent of cocaine seized by Canadian authorities tested positive for fentanyl. What is happening? Why are street drugs being laced with a chemical so potent that a few grains can kill you?

Thadea Berezny, NOW, June 2017

Who uses get laced?

Discussions of recreational drugs may refer to substances being or getting laced, often unknown (and dangerously so) to their users.

People may use get laced as they do other slang terms like getting wasted, lit, or fucked up, to name a few.

Shopping for some new threads? You might be getting laced, or hooked up with some nice things.

Competitors, especially athletes, may use getting laced (up) ahead of a match, fight, or other contest.

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