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or head-desk [hed-desk]

What does headdesk mean?

When a simple facepalm won’t do, try a headdesk. Referring to the act of lowering your forehead to your desk, headdesk is an expression of extreme frustration, aggravation, or resignation.

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Where does headdesk come from?

Drupal / Comedy Central

Headdesk—and, early on, head-desk—started to appear around 2002 on Usenet groups. Headdesk implies the user is so annoyed or angry they are repeatedly slamming their head onto their desk or computer.

It is often enclosed in asterisks, as *headdesk*, to suggest a non-verbal description or kind of internet stage direction.


Headdesk gained its first Urban Dictionary entry in 2003 and a second in 2005, which specifically mentioned it was used as *headdesk* in chat rooms and forums.

By the late 2000s and early 2010s, headdesk was being used a noun, verb, and sometimes adjective, and came to be used similarly to the more familiar facepalm.

With the rise of social media (and social media-fueled stupidity), headdesk spread as a popular way to express intense aggravation, still often enclosed in asterisks as *headdesk* for dramatic flair.

Examples of headdesk

Remember when AMERICAN HUSTLE wasn't even nominated for an Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling? *headdesk*
@tawilliams11, 2015
Trump: “Many of the countries that treat us the worst on trade and on military are our ‘allies’ as they like to call them.” #headdesk #headdesk #headdesk
@dandrezner, March 2018
Drupal / Comedy Central

Who uses headdesk?

If you are faced with something so incredibly frustrating that a facepalm isn’t enough, it’s time for a headdesk.

Sometimes it’s used as a reaction to the perceived inanity of other people’s actions …

… other times, headdesk registers our own stupidity.

While headdesk is used as a noun and verb, it’s most commonly seen, as our examples show, in asterisks or as a hashtag at the end of a statement, functioning like an interjectional or parenthetical remark.

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