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KissAnime and chill

or Kissanime and chill [kis-an-uh-mey n chil]

What does KissAnime and chill mean?

Want to Netflix and chill but watch anime instead and, you know, do other stuff? No, we’re not asking you. We’re just explaining what it means to KissAnime and chill.

Kissanime and chill is an internet slang expression for relaxing while streaming anime videos on the popular website Like Netflix and chill, it implies sexual activity.

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Where does KissAnime and chill come from?

kissanime and chill

Kissanime and chill is a take on Netflix and chill, which appeared on Twitter in 2009 for relaxing while watching the streaming service Netflix. By 2014, Netflix and chill had become a clever suggestion for hooking up with a romantic interest. You know, you’re watching a movie, it’s dark, you’re sharing a blanket, and then one things leads to another …

KissAnime and chill appeared on Twitter in 2015, with KissAnime referring to the anime streaming website, Launched in 2012, KissAnime is a massively popular source of free—though legally questionable—high-quality, Japanese anime videos dubbed in English. 

One of the earliest Twitter examples knowingly plays off Netflix and chill:

The expression was also a vehicle for witty observations:

Kissanime and chill also prompted its own spinoff, “Crunchyroll and chill,” with Crunchyroll referring to rival anime-streaming site,

Examples of KissAnime and chill

it's Sunday who trynna KissAnime and chill?
@Dirty_Sav, February, 2018
listen bud, I'm not having some weird KissAnime and chill 3some with you and Ashley you're getting too kinky
@DarthDanaa, September, 2015
For the cheapskates likes me who don't have premium crunchyroll it's kissanime and chill😂
@samsora, August, 2017

Who uses KissAnime and chill?

On Twitter, KissAnime and chill reached its prime in 2015–16 and was most widespread on Twitter. It can be used as a noun for the activity (e.g., It’s a good night for a KissAnime and Chill) or a verb (e.g., Let’s KissAnime and chill).

Many uses simply explain KissAnime as a riff on Netflix and chill.

Others, given how quickly memes can rise and fall online, expressed their annoyance with the expression …

Some instances of KissAnime and chill involve a meme of an anime character’s face used as a reaction because memes.

Another version plays off Pregnancy Announcementa popular Japanese meme of an anime character holding a pregnancy stick with a positive result, implying someone’s KissAnime and chill was very, er, fruitful.

On the social-media site Amino App in 2017, for instance, one user captioned the meme image “When I Kissanime and chill”:

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