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What does shmegma mean?

Shmegma is a variant of smegma, a white, cottage cheese-like substance that accumulates beneath the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis.

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Where does shmegma come from?


If proper hygiene isn’t practiced, the inside of the foreskin of the penis can secrete the goopy white stuff known as smegma, a 19th-century word adapted from the Greek smegma, meaning “soap.”

Like a lot of sex and body terms, smegma was picked up as a humorous insult for something or someone “worthless” in the late 20th century. People began referring to smegma as shmegma. This could have started as an innocent mistake, modeled on words like schmear, or for humorous and dismissive effect.

Hardcore musician Mike Hammond launched a record label provocatively named Shmegma Records in the early 1980s. An early internet user referenced “one smiling face slick with shmegma” in 1985.

Shmegma spread in the 1990s–2000s, when people began using shmegma as a term for any icky substance (e.g., eye shmegma, or eye boogers).

As shmegma is a somewhat obscure slang term that is crass but not too offensive, some brands have even jokingly used it for products, such as Descarga Brewing Company’s beer, Shmegma. Ingredients list, please?

Examples of shmegma

When there is weird plane shmegma on your luggage and you put your hand in it...
@emhewitt, July, 2016
I just saw a Coke commercial that said “Eggnog schmeggmog” and I spit out my wine at the thought of eggnog being made of shmegma fml
@asiabug2, December, 2017
Phimosis is a mechanical issue do to constriction of the glans by the foreskin. It should not be associated with uti unless there is chronic shmegma and poor hygiene.
Dr. Alex Barkan, Quora, May, 2016

Who uses shmegma?

Shmegma is used to refer to smegma, often with a deliberately juvenile sense of humor. It’s also used for other nasty crud (e.g., vaginal shmegma or burrito shmegma).

Because shmegma is perceived as disgusting, it’s also a suitable insult for someone you dislike or consider worthless.

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