What does stain mean?


In general, a stain is something that leaves a mark. In youth slang, a stain is a "worthless person." In black American slang, stain is a gang culture expression for "armed robbery."

Examples of stain


Examples of stain
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Punching the clock everyday for money getting mad old. Ready to hit a stain
@bramstokers_, December 2018
@paulpogba you're a stain mate. Abysmal attitude. The fans do hate you and most if the former players as well. Must be awkward at training knowing as soon as you leave everyone talks about you...
@D2bigdougy, December 2018

Where does stain come from?

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The word stain is an old one in English. Starting in the 14th century, stain was a verb meaning “to blemish.” It became a noun referring to a mark or spot so blemished by the 16th century.

In the early 1600s, saying someone was stained could mean they were “drunk”—a slang sense that re-emerged in the 1990s.

By the 1990s, stain was in evidence in American and British English as a slang expression for a jerk, i.e., a contemptible person. This stain could be a shortening of wank-stain (the stain left over from ejaculate) or shit-stain (need we say more?).

In the 2010s, a stain in black American gang slang came to refer to an “armed robbery,” either of a neighborhood business or of an individual.

It’s possible that this stain comes from the metaphor that committing crime leaves a stain on one’s character. Typically, it is found in the expression hit a stain, meaning to “commit a robbery.”

A prominent example of the robbery sense of stain comes from the 2018 track “GUMMO” by notorious rapper and sometime criminal, 6ix9ine: “Hit a stain, fifty bands, all hunnids,” meaning that he’s robbed someone and got fifty thousand dollars in strapped hundred-dollar bills.

Who uses stain?

Calling someone a stain can be found in youth slang, especially in the UK.

It’s a distinctly insulting expression, insinuating someone is as disgusting as the mess left over by semen or feces. Either way, not great.

In black American gang slang, hitting a stain is a way to talk about committing armed robbery. Gangstersand their wannabesmight reference past stains and stains they’re planning to hit.

As we’ve seen, the gang-related stain can be found in hip-hop songs, such as Chance the Rapper’s 2013 track “Chain Smoker”: “Stain hitting, satin woodgrain gripping / Paint dripping / Motha, shut your mouth.”

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