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Z shit

[zee shit]

What does Z shit mean?

The expression Z shit comes from the 2018 song “ZEZE” by Kodak Black. It’s used to refer to his gangster, Haitian Creole lifestyle.

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Where does Z shit come from?

Kodak Black / Genius

The expression Z shit comes from the song “ZEZE” by Miami-based rapper Kodak Black featuring Travis Scott and Offset. It was released by Atlantic Records on October 12, 2018. The song debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts. Fun fact: it is the highest-charting song to begin with the letter Z.

The song features steel drums, nodding to Kodak’s Haitian Creole heritage. The lyrics reflect the artist’s gangster life in Miami, including drug use, flashy cars, and run-ins with the police. After listing all this (and more), Kodak Black sings in the catchy chorus: “This that Z shit”.

What “that Z shit” means exactly is unclear. It’s possible that it refers to the Miami Haitian street gang Zoe Pound that Kodak has been affiliated with. It’s also possible that the Z shit refers to the slang zombiealso known as lean or purple drank, which are made of Codeine-based cough syrup and drunk recreationallythat Kodak also mentions in the song.

Fans of Kodak Black use the expression Z shit often in relation to the song. It’s also used generally to refer to gangster behavior or Haitian Creole culture.


Examples of Z shit

The gang on some Z shit
@daniel_l3d3sma, December 2018
@KodakBlack1k let's link and do some Z shit 🇭🇹⛽️⚡️
@i_gamble23, December 2018
Last night in the @barclayscenter we showed our Broward County asses off “It’s That Z-Shit, It’s That Z-Shit” @ShowtimeWinning X @KodakBlack1k #KodakBlack #DJShowtime #SniperGang…
@showtimewinning, October 2018

Who uses Z shit?

The expression Z shit is often used as part of the expression this that Z shit, as in the “ZEZE” song.

It may be used for when someone does something “gangster” or “badass,” as in “that’s some Z shit.”

Z shit has also been used to refer to the Zoe Pound street culture and Haitian Creole culture in Miami generally. When someone does something particularly associated with this subculture, they might remark that it’s Z shit.

For this reason, the expression Z shit is often used in conjunction with the Haiti flag emoji 🇭🇹.

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