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  1. Has Your Family Ever Said This Kentucky Word?

    If you're from Kentucky, maybe you've heard this word before. If you're not from Kentucky, do you know what it means?
  2. Can Emoji Have Synonyms?

  3. What Do You Call These Bodily Functions?

    What do you call that red bump on your skin? How about that dried snot in your nose? Get ready for some bodily function talk ...
  4. What Are The Differences Between “Nerds,” “Geeks,” And “Dorks”?

    These names used to be roughly interchangeable when distinguishing the social outcasts from the in-crowd in school. Yet, those so-called social rejects were destined to rule the world in the form of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, et al. “The geek shall inherit the earth,” indeed. Oh yeah, and billions of dollars.  There’s a lot of overlap in the meanings of nerd, geek, and …

  5. How To Talk Like A Pirate

    “Ahoy, matey!” Is that pretty much the limit of your pirate lingo? With perhaps a “shiver me timbers” in the wings if you need it? With so many excellent pirate terms, don't stop there! Here’s a robust vocabulary to make your weekend pirating just a little more authentic.

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    These Songs Helped Us Learn How To Spell

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    Expressions For Epic Fails And Major Mistakes

  8. We Asked: Why Do Some People Gesticulate So Much?

    For this woman, gesticulating helps her access memories and emotions and put them into speech. Why do you gesticulate?
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  10. We Asked People To Translate These Emojis Into English

    Can you guess the meaning of these emoji combinations? Some of them are creative enough to be put in the dictionary. How'd you do?