Is There An Actual Definition For The Term “Word Nerd”?

If you’re anything like us, you collect words the same way that other people collect coins or Pokémon cards. You think about words while you’re dreaming, and you’re constantly on the hunt for new words during the day. You underline new vocabulary in books, you keep a note in your smartphone of new words you heard on a podcast, and your friends are afraid to play against you in Scrabble.

You’re a word nerd.

And while there may not be a formal definition in the dictionary … yet(!) … we think we’ve found some pretty good beginnings of a definition in the making. We recently asked our Twitter followers to share with us how they were a word nerd without explicitly saying they were a word nerd, and received a deluge of responses.

Here are just a few of some of our favorite responses:

Do you remember when Jupiter and Saturn aligned in November 2020? That was a syzygy. And some people learn to spell it when they’re four-years-old.

We have to admit, we’re a sucker for alliteration.

Tough, but some people are real grammar sticklers.

Find out about some other grammar rules our friends at think we might not have to follow anymore … grammar nerds beware!

This is such a great idea, that we might steal it.

We’re having a difficult time taking this seriously (wink, wink). Don’t get it? Look up the meaning of facetious here.

We don’t know whether this palindrome is delicious or adorable.

Read more about some other palindromes here to see if you agree about taco cat.

We feel discombobulated thinking about all that swiping.

Highfalutin is one of those words that sounds expensive, but isn’t.

Case closed.

Of course, word nerds aren’t the only type of nerds around—there are a lot more. Did you know these types of nerds also existed?

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