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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Definitions for indurate

  1. Physically or morally hardened; unfeeling; stubborn.
  2. To make hard; to harden.
  3. To harden against; to make hardy; to habituate.

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Citations for indurate
They are completely indurate. They aren't hard-nosed; they live without any sense of malice. There is no time or need for others. John Stone, Journal of Popular Film and Television
First off, the avoid-terminal-prepositions rule is the invention of one Fr. R. Lowth, an eighteenth-century British preacher and indurate pedant who did things like spend scores of pages arguing for hath over the trendy and degenerate has. David Foster Wallace, Harper's Magazine
Origin of indurate
late Middle English
Indurate is derived from the past participle of Latin indurare, from in-, intensive prefix + durare, "to harden," from durus, "hard."
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