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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Definitions for causerie

  1. an informal talk or chat.
  2. a short, informal essay, article, etc.

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Citations for causerie
I was once booked by my manager to give a causerie in the drawing-room of a New York millionaire. Mark Twain, "A Little Note to M. Paul Bourget," How to Tell a Story and Other Essays, 1897
It hardly seemed a speech when he was at the tribune, more like a causerie, though he told very plain truths sometimes to the peuple souverain. Mary Alsop King Waddington, My First Years as a Frenchwoman, 1914
Origin of causerie
In French the noun causerie means “a chat; a talk (as at a conference).” As a literary style a causerie is a short, topical essay, personal and humorous (there is no one precise English translation for causerie). Causerie is a derivative of the verb causer “to chat, talk, gossip.” The French verb comes from Latin causārī “to plead a case, bring a (legal) action; to plead as an excuse or reason,” a derivative of the noun causa “legal case or proceeding, trial.” Causerie entered English in the 19th century.