1. a combining form denoting a process or form of drawing, writing, representing, recording, describing, etc., or an art or science concerned with such a process: biography; choreography; geography; orthography; photography.

Origin of -graphy

< Greek -graphia. See -graph, -y3
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British Dictionary definitions for -graphy


n combining form
  1. indicating a form or process of writing, representing, etccalligraphy; photography
  2. indicating an art or descriptive sciencechoreography; oceanography

Word Origin for -graphy

via Latin from Greek -graphia, from graphein to write
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Word Origin and History for -graphy

word-forming element meaning "process of writing or recording" or "a writing, recording, or description," from French or German -graphie, from Greek -graphia "description of," from graphein "write, express by written characters," earlier "to draw, represent by lines drawn," originally "to scrape, scratch" (on clay tablets with a stylus), from PIE root *gerbh- "to scratch, carve" (see carve). In modern use, especially in forming names of descriptive sciences.

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-graphy in Medicine


  1. A writing or representation produced in a specified manner or by a specified process:tomography.
  2. A writing about or a representation of a specified thing:ophthalmography.
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