[ ahr-bi-truh-buhl ]
/ ˈɑr bɪ trə bəl /
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capable of arbitration; subject to the decision of an arbiter or arbitrator: an arbitrable dispute.



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Origin of arbitrable

1525–35; (<Middle French ) <Latin arbitr(ārī) to decide (see arbitrate) + -able
non·ar·bi·tra·ble, adjective
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What does arbitrable mean?

Arbitrable means capable of undergoing arbitration—the process in which two parties in a dispute use an independent, impartial third party to settle the dispute, often by making a decision that they both agree to.

For a process to be considered arbitration, it must involve an impartial third party, which can be a single person or a team of people. This person or team is called an arbitrator. To act as this arbitrator is to arbitrate.

The term arbitrable is typically used in the context of negotiations between businesses and labor unions. When the two sides can’t agree and negotiations are unproductive, they may seek to pursue arbitration. Arbitrable is used to describe a dispute that at least has the potential to undergo arbitration.

Example: It’s a longstanding dispute, but it’s an arbitrable one—an arbitrator can settle this.

Where does arbitrable come from?

The first records of the word arbitrable come from around 1530. It ultimately comes from the Latin verb arbitrāri, meaning “to give judgment.”

Describing a dispute as arbitrable doesn’t necessarily mean it is one that can or will be settled. It simply means that it can undergo arbitration. In some situations, an arbitrator’s decision may be binding, but this is not always the case.

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How is arbitrable used in real life?

Arbitrable is typically used in the context of labor disputes, but it is not commonly used.

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The word arbitrable typically describes a process in which two sides have come to an agreement by themselves.

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