[ ahr-bi-truhl ]
/ ˈɑr bɪ trəl /
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pertaining to an arbiter or to arbitration.
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Origin of arbitral

1600–10; (<Old French ) <Late Latin arbitrālis.See arbiter, -al1
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What does arbitral mean?

Arbitral is used to describe things related to or involving arbitration—the process in which two parties in a dispute use an independent, impartial third party to settle the dispute, often by making a decision that they both agree to.

For a process to be considered arbitration, it must involve an impartial third party, which can be a single person or a team of people. This person or team is called an arbitrator. To act as this arbitrator is to arbitrate.

The term arbitration is typically used in the context of negotiations between businesses and labor unions as well as in international disputes. When two sides can’t agree and negotiations are unproductive, they may seek to pursue arbitration by bringing in an arbitrator.

In these contexts, arbitral is often used in phrases like arbitral decision and arbitral award (a monetary or other award decided upon by an arbitrator).

Arbitral can also be used to describe something involving an arbiter, which generally refers to any person who has been assigned the role of settling a dispute or rendering a decision on an issue

Example: The arbitral award resulting from the arbitration process is still controversial.

Where does arbitral come from?

The first records of the word arbitral come from the 1300s. It comes from the Late Latin arbitrālis.

Arbitral is used in the context of arbitration and arbiters, but it is much less commonly used than these words. It is most commonly seen in formal legal contexts.

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How is arbitral used in real life?

Arbitral is most commonly used in formal legal contexts.


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Is arbitral used correctly in the following sentence?

Based on the initial agreements between the parties, the arbitral decision will be binding.

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British Dictionary definitions for arbitral

/ (ˈɑːbɪtrəl) /

of or relating to arbitration
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