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broad jump



, Track.



[ brawd-juhmp ]

verb (used without object)

, Track.

broad jump


  1. an excercise and athletic contest in which competitors try to jump the farthest distance possible from a standing start from a fixed board or mark
  2. a former name for the long jump

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Word History and Origins

Origin of broad jump1

First recorded in 1870–1875

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Example Sentences

If you can beat me nearly a foot and a half at the running broad jump, you ought to be able to beat me at the high jump.

But when the All-School team romped away with both first and second places in the broad jump, matters began to look more grave.

There is but little to say about the standing broad jump except that practice makes perfect.

The standing broad jump is made straight forward into a piece of soft earth which has been dug up for the purpose.

This leaves the mile run and the broad jump open, and we were counting on those two contests especially.


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More About Broad Jump

What is the broad jump?

The broad jump is another name for the long jump, a track-and-field competition in which athletes attempt to complete the longest jump forward jump with a running start and a single leap.

Depending on what the event is being called, an attempt in the event (the jump itself) can be called a long jump or a broad jump, and a competitor in the event can be called a long jumper or a broad jumper.

In the summer Olympic Games (the Summer Games), the event is officially called the long jump. It is also part of the modern decathlon.

Sometimes, the term broad jump is used to refer to a version of the long jump that’s done from a standing position. This is sometimes used as one of the measures of a person’s overall athletic ability, as part of assessments in physical education or for sports like football.

Example: We did the broad jump in gym glass today, and I had the longest one in the class! 

Where does broad jump come from?

The first records of the term broad jump as a name for the track-and-field event come from the 1870s. The now standard name for the event, long jump, is first recorded in the 1880s. The names of other track-and-field events use the word jump in the same way, including high jump and triple jump.

A version of the broad jump was part of the ancient Greek Olympic Games, where athletes would perform a running jump with weights in their hands. The broad jump was included in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and has been included in every Olympics since. Originally, there were two separate Olympic events—one with a running start and another from a standing position, which was eliminated from the Olympics in 1912. A women’s event was added to the Olympics in 1948. The official name was changed from broad jump to long jump in the 1960s (the name change is thought to have been influenced by a desire to avoid an association with the derogatory slang sense of broad in reference to a woman).

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  • broad jumper (noun)

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How is broad jump used in real life?

The broad jump is now usually called the long jump, but the name broad jump is still sometimes used, including for the standing version used to test leaping power.

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The name of the Olympic event known as the broad jump was changed to long jump in the 1960s.




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