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triple jump


, Track and Field.
  1. a jumping event for distance in which a participant leaps on one foot from a takeoff point, lands on the same foot, steps forward on the other foot, leaps, and lands on both feet.

triple jump


  1. an athletic event in which the competitor has to perform successively a hop, a step, and a jump in continuous movement Also calledhop, step, and jump

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Word History and Origins

Origin of triple jump1

First recorded in 1960–65


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What is the triple jump?

The triple jump is a track-and-field competition in which athletes attempt to cover the farthest distance using a running start and sequence of three jumps.

An attempt in this event (the jump itself) is also called a triple jump, and a competitor in the event can be called a triple jumper.

Despite the event being called the triple jump, it is not as simple as taking three jumps forward. After a running start on a track, a triple jumper jumps off of one foot, lands on the same foot and jumps off again, and then lands on the other foot to take the final leap before landing on both feet in a sand pit.

This three-part jumping motion is reflected in the older name for the event: hop, step, and jump.

The triple jump is a track-and-field event in the summer Olympic Games (the Summer Games).

Example: I’m training for the triple jump and the long jump with my track-and-field team.

Where does triple jump come from?

The first records of the term triple jump as a name for the track-and-field event come from the 1960s. The names of other track-and-field events use the word jump in the same way as triple jump, including long jump and high jump. Before the 1960s, the event was called hop, step, and jump—a name that dates back to the 1700s. (This term is thought to have led to the similar term hop, skip, and a jump, which is now almost always used figuratively to refer to a short distance).

Unlike some other track-and-field events that trace their origin to the ancient Olympic Games or before, the origin of the triple jump is uncertain. It may even  be related to (or may have grown out of) the ancient children’s game that we know as hopscotch.

The event we now call the triple jump was introduced to the Olympic Games at the first modern Olympics in 1896 and has been included at every Summer Olympics since. A version of the triple jump performed from a standing position (without a running start) was included in the 1900 and 1904 Olympic Games, but was eliminated as an event after that.

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  • triple jumper (noun)

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Most people are familiar with the triple jump as a track-and-field event at the Summer Olympics.

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In the triple jump, the jumper must take their first and second jump off of the same foot.

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