[ boo l-ruhsh ]
/ ˈbʊlˌrʌʃ /


(in Biblical use) the papyrus, Cyperus papyrus.
any of various rushes of the genera Scirpus and Typha.

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Origin of bulrush

1400–50; late Middle English bulrish papyrus, probably bull1 + rish rush2

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/ (ˈbʊlˌrʌʃ) /


a grasslike cyperaceous marsh plant, Scirpus lacustris, used for making mats, chair seats, etc
a popular name for reed mace (def. 1)
a biblical word for papyrus (def. 1)

Word Origin for bulrush

C15 bulrish, bul- perhaps from bull 1 + rish rush ², referring to the largeness of the plant; sense 2 derived from the famous painting by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836–1912), Dutch-born English painter, of the finding of the infant Moses in the "bulrushes" — actually reed mace

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Word Origin and History for bulrush



also bullrush, type of tall plant growing in or near water (in Biblical use, the Egyptian papyrus), mid-15c., bolroysche, from rush (n.); the signification of bull is doubtful.

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