[ buhng-koh ]
/ ˈbʌŋ koʊ /

noun, plural bun·cos, verb, bun·coed, bun·co·ing.

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or bun·co

[ buhng-koh ]
/ ˈbʌŋ koʊ /

noun, plural bun·kos.

a swindle in which a person is cheated at gambling, persuaded to buy a nonexistent, unsalable, or worthless object, or otherwise victimized.
any misrepresentation.

verb (used with object), bun·koed, bun·ko·ing.

to victimize by a bunko.

Origin of bunko

1880–85; shortened form of bunkum; cf. -o

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US informal

noun plural -cos or -kos

a swindle, esp one by confidence tricksters

verb -cos, -coing, -coed, -kos, -koing or -koed

(tr) to swindle; cheat

Word Origin for bunco

C19: perhaps from Spanish banca bank (in gambling), from Italian banca bank 1


/ (ˈbʌŋkəʊ) /

noun, verb

a variant spelling of bunco
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